Boiler Servicing & Repairs

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Boiler Service & Repairs

We carry out Boiler Servicing and Boiler Repairs throughout the northwest, with the majority in Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster. We serve Domestic Homes, Static Caravans, Guest Houses, Restaurants and a majority of small business properties.

We have a wealth of knowledge on Heating Appliances and carry out Servicing & Repairs on all makes, models and types weather yours is Natural Gas, LPG or Oil. Our complete range of appliances for Annual Servicing & Repairs are:

  • Gas, LPG & Oil Boilers
  • Gas, LPG & Oil Fires
  • Gas, LPG & Oil Hearth Boilers
  • Gas, LPG & Oil Water Heaters
  • Gas, LPG & Oil Range Cookers
  • Gas & LPG Wall Heaters

Annual Servicing

Boiler Servicing is beneficial in prolonging the Lifespan of your Boiler. Annual servicing also validates any Manufacturers Guarantee applied to your boiler following Installation, as without a continual Service record your guarantee could be deemed Void. Regular servicing gives us an opportunity to identify any problems or wear and tear showing within the appliance therefore helping avoid costly damage to the boiler if any components were to fail. Comprehensive checks are completed on the Boiler for safety and adjustments are made where necessary to ensure the boiler is running at its most efficient, often saving money on your energy bills. We have a valuable tool when completing our Annual Servicing, our visit is documented and recorded on our computer field software which also allows us to schedule reminders annually for you to contact us and book an appointment therefore never missing vital maintenance on your appliance. We offer a range of Service Plans to new and returning customers.


At Jay Law Limited we appreciate the stress you face, when suddenly your heating/hot water is on the blink. Jay Law Limited knows all too well the difficulties inflicted on your daily routine by a Broken Boiler or Leaky Pipework. We have attended a huge amount of Boiler Breakdowns throughout the years, all of which we have applied our skills and experience to, resolving and often improving normal functionality of the appliance. As experienced Gas Safe Engineers, we are here to solve the problems, repair the leaks and replace the parts where necessary no matter the issue. Our Team works effectively always looking to reach you as quickly possible when an issue strikes. We are happy to attend all general Plumbing & Heating issues and with our flexible working hours can usually assist in most cases. You will be quoted a fixed fee for the initial assessment of your Gas appliance or pipework in need of repair. When a diagnosis is established and if parts are needed then these will be quoted for in addition but to reassure you in most cases it’s a minor issue which is resolved quickly such as low pressure, loss of communication with controls, leaky valves or pipes or ignition failure.

Gold service package

With Jay Law Limited it’s easy to set up our Gold Service Package, in a few easy steps we can set up your monthly payments from as little as £5 per month with you getting all the benefits of this package included.

  • An Annual Boiler Service
  • Routine Appliance Gas Safety Check
  • Annual System Filter Service
  • Annual Reminder from us
  • Certification documenting proof of Service
  • Maintaining validity period of your Guarantee
  • Affordable monthly Direct Debit payment
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Jay Law Limited Poulton Le Fylde

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What to expect from a Boiler Service with Jay Law?

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Boiler Finance Preston

A visual check to comply with Manufacturer’s Instructions, Gas Safe and Electrical safety regulations.

Boiler Finance Poulton Le Fylde

Carry out a pre-service check. Firing up the boiler, checking basic operations and identify faults if any. We will also inspect pipework and electrical connections.

Boiler Finance Preston

All main components are checked that they are clean and free from damage. The main components we check are Gas Valves, burners, injectors, heat exchangers, condensing syphon and fan.

Boiler Finance Preston

Our final check is to analyse the boiler with our flue gas analyser to make sure it is running to manufacturers specification.

Boiler Finance Poulton Le Fylde

If we find a fault during any of our checks, we will advise you if there are any additional costs for the repair.

Boiler Finance Preston

Finally we will issue a Service Maintenance Record and a printout from our analyser to confirm the readings.

Jay Law Limited Poulton Le Fylde

Landlord Safety Inspections

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What are my duties as a landlord?

You are required to:
  • ensure gas fittings and flues are maintained in a safe condition. Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If these are not available, it is recommended that they are serviced annually unless advised otherwise by a Gas Safe registered engineer;
  • ensure an annual safety check is carried out on each gas appliance/flue. Before any new lease starts, you must make sure that these checks have been carried out within one year before the start of the lease date, unless the appliances in the property have been installed for less than 12 months, in which case they should be checked within 12 months of their installation date;
  • keep the record of the gas safety check until two further checks have been carried out (this may be longer than two years);

The importance of regular Inspections and Certifications

Jay Law Limited takes gas safety seriously and all of our Gas Safe Registered engineers are qualified to undertake gas safety inspections.

In 1996 the government passed a law that requires all landlords, who rent either part or all of a property, to have all household gas appliances and pipes checked every 12 months with a Landlord gas safety certificate to this effect.
What does a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection include?
  • Check appliance for gas tightness
  • Check standing and working pressures if test points are available
  • Check burner pressure/gas rate against manufacturers guidelines
  • Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation
  • Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion
  • Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices
  • Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets (where appropriate)
  • Investigate any evidence on unsafe operation and report to the person responsible

If you wish to book a gas safety inspection please
contact us

Powerflushing with Magnacleanse

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Heating Preston

Over the lifespan of your central heating system you may well require a system flush. This is because over time the water passing through your boiler, radiators and pipework deposits rust and other debris and becomes a sludge like consistency, unfortunately leading to blockages and build ups leading to an inefficient system and regularly causing damage leading to costly repairs. In extreme cases it can be so damaging that a complete boiler replacement is needed.

Signs you may require a Powerflush
  • Cold areas on radiators
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
  • Heating is taking a lot longer to warm up
  • Some radiators are struggling to heat up as well as others
  • Radiators cold but pipes are hot
  • Your Boiler intermittently shuts down and needs resetting
  • No water escapes when you bleed a radiator
  • Noisy Boiler and/ or noisy radiators
  • Small leaks in radiators
Using the technology of ADEY we carry out the powerflushing process using the MagnaCleanse® method combining the RapidFlush filter and VibraClean agitator, MagnaCleanse® system flushing features to remove system debris. The precision agitator removes more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes without it. It even shifts hardened debris, reducing the need to remove radiators to completely clean the system. Call now to discuss your requirements and receive a free no obligation quote.
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